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M. ALEXANDROVICH. 2001. Enterprise restructuring in Moldova: The case of agriculture. M.Phil. thesis. Oxford. Added by: gerard  v    Pop. 82.77%
HANNA BENNETT. 2012. Leverage and limitations of the EU's influence in the eastern neighbourhood: A study of compliance with the EU's justice and home affairs standards in Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine. PhD thesis. Leeds. Added by: gerard  v    Pop. 46.49%
S.M. CASHIN. 2004. The application of high-resolution imagery and Geographical Information Systems in cadastral mapping: A case study of the Republic of Moldova. Ph.D. thesis. Cambridge. Added by: gerard  v    Pop. 60.32%
M.R.S. DE FREIRE. 2001. Conflict and security in the former Soviet Union: The role of the OSCE [with Estonia and Moldova as case studies]. Ph.D. thesis. Kent. Last edited by: gerard  v    Pop. 64.57%
JONATHAN EAGLES. 2011. The reign, culture and legacy of ┼×tefan cel Mare, voivode of Moldova: A case study of ethnosymbolism in the Romanian societies. PhD thesis. London (UCL). Added by: gerard  v    Pop. 45.32%
ELENA GNEDINA. 2012. 'Multi-vector' foreign policies in Europe: Ukraine and Moldova between the European Union and Russia. PhD thesis. Queen's Belfast. Added by: gerard  v    Pop. 36.7%
ROXANA A. HUMA. 2015. Reproducing 'geopolitics': National identity representation of foreign affairs in Moldova. PhD thesis. Plymouth. Added by: Gregory Walker  v    Pop. 14.68%
N.J. JACKSON. 2001. Russian policy towards the CIS, 1991-1996: Debates about the political and military involvement in the Moldova-Transdniestria, Georgia-Abkhazia and Tajikistan conflicts. Ph.D. thesis. London (LSE). Added by: gerard  v    Pop. 58.51%
E.M. JACOBS. 1979. Post-war collectivization of agriculture in the Soviet Union: A case-study of the process in Right-Bank Moldavia (Bessarabia). Ph.D. thesis. London (LSE). Added by: gerard  v    Pop. 58.3%
JAMES A. KAPALO. 2009. Text, context and performance: The lay institutions of Gagauz Orthodoxy. Ph.D. thesis. London (SOAS). Added by: Gregory Walker  v    Pop. 5%
C. KING. 1995. The politics of language in Moldova, 1924-1994. D.Phil. thesis. Oxford. Last edited by: gerard  v    Pop. 52.13%
JACQUELINE KIRKHAM. 2010. Sexual and reproductive health in Romania and Moldova: Contexts, actors, challenges. PhD thesis. Glasgow. Last edited by: gerard  v    Pop. 37.66%
ELEANOR KNOTT. 2015. Kin-states and kin majorities from the bottom-up: Developing a model of nested integration in Crimea and Moldova. PhD thesis. LSE. Last edited by: Gregory Walker  v    Pop. 13.94%
NINA LUTTERJOHANN. 2017. The limitations of imagining peace: The relative success and failure of international organisations and the Georgian-Abkhaz and Moldovan-Transnistrian conflicts, 1992-2013. Ph.D. thesis. St Andrews. Added by: Gregory Walker  v    Pop. 7.13%
D. LYNCH. 1995. Russian peacekeeping and Russian foreign and security policy towards the 'Near Abroad', 1992-1994: The cases of Moldova, Georgia and Tajikistan. M.Phil. thesis. Oxford. Added by: gerard  v    Pop. 47.87%
-----. 1997. Russian peacekeeping strategies in the CIS, 1992-1996: The cases of Moldova, Georgia and Tajikistan. D.Phil. thesis. Oxford. Last edited by: gerard  v    Pop. 54.04%
MARK J. LYONS-AMOS. 2012. Natural contraceptive use in a modern population: Correlates, fertility timing and efficacy among users in Moldova. PhD thesis. Southampton. Added by: gerard  v    Pop. 38.09%
E. MAZO. 2008. The origins of semi-presidentialism in post-communist Europe: Russia, Ukraine and Moldova in comparative perspective. D.Phil. thesis. Oxford. Added by: gerard  v    Pop. 50.85%
FARHAD S. MIRZAYEV. 2014. Uti possidetis v. self-determination: The lessons of the post-Soviet practice [with special reference to Abkhazia, S. Ossetia, Nagorno-Karabakh and Transnistria]. PhD thesis. Leicester. Added by: gerard  v    Pop. 28.94%
DAVID B. MORGAN. 2009. Examining Transylvanian Saxon fortified churches from the 13th to 16th centuries: The history and archaeology of the Saxon rural church in Romania: roles and identities. PhD thesis. Leicester. Added by: gerard  v    Pop. 50%

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