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B.V. BABAJANIAN. 2006. Promoting community participation and capacity building in post Soviet transition: The Armenia Social Investment Fund. Ph.D. thesis. London (LSE). Added by: gerard  v    Pop. 71.83%
A. BABARCZY. 2002. A path from broader to narrower grammars: The acquisition of argument structure in English and Hungarian. Ph.D. thesis. Edinburgh. Added by: gerard  v    Pop. 79.38%
B.C. BABCOCK-LUMISH. 2004. The tensions of profession: A critical analysis of the late Imperial Russian army and the implications for post-Cold War America. M.Phil. thesis. Oxford. Added by: gerard  v    Pop. 70.09%
B. BABEJOVÁ. 2000. Space, politics and identity in Bratislava, 1867-1914. Ph.D. thesis. Cambridge. Last edited by: gerard  v    Pop. 81.51%
GRAEME S. BABER. 2009. The impact of legislation and regulation on the freedom of movement of capital in Estonia, Poland and Latvia. PhD thesis. London (SOAS). Added by: gerard  v    Pop. 67.47%
ROSALINA BABOURKOVA-HORNER. 2016. Network ghettoes: Powering illegality and the politics of difference in Bulgaria's Romani neighbourhoods. PhD thesis. UCL. Last edited by: Gregory Walker  v    Pop. 26.14%
J.H. BACHE. 1997. The emerging perceptions of nationhood and spirituality in the prayers of the early Slavs and of Kievan Rus´ in their literary context. Ph.D. thesis. London (SSEES). Added by: gerard  v    Pop. 74.73%
JOVANA BACKOVIC. 2014. Between two worlds: Approaching Balkan oral music tradition through the use of technology as a compositional and performing medium [with special reference to Serbia and former Yugoslavia]. PhD thesis. East Anglia. Added by: Gregory Walker  v    Pop. 31.17%
E.T. BACON. 1997. The Gulag at war: Stalin's forced labour system in the light of the archives. [With two articles:] 'Glasnost´ and the Gulag' and 'Soviet Military Losses in World War Two'. Ph.D. thesis. Birmingham. Added by: gerard  v    Pop. 74.25%
J. BACONOVÁ. 2005. Russian drama at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. M.Litt. thesis. Glasgow. Last edited by: gerard  v    Pop. 73.77%
S. BADCOCK. 2000. Support for the Socialist Revolutionary Party during 1917, with a case study of events in Nizhegorodskaia guberniia. Ph.D. thesis. Durham. Added by: gerard  v    Pop. 66.99%
M.O. BADGER. 1996. Visual ethnography and representation: Two case studies in the Arctic. [One in Alaska, one among Khanty (Ob´ Ostyaks) of W. Siberia]. Ph.D. thesis. Cambridge. Added by: gerard  v    Pop. 78.8%
S. BADGER. 2008. Democratisation in an unrecognised state: Abkhazia, 1994-2007. M.Phil. thesis. Oxford. Added by: gerard  v    Pop. 71.15%
ANNA BADYINA. 2012. The housing question and the production of uneven urban spatialities in post-Soviet Moscow and Russia. DPhil thesis. Oxford. Added by: gerard  v    Pop. 56.63%
M.R. BADYKOV. 2005. Private international law rules of the Russian Civil Code and the European Convention on the Law Applicable to Contractual Obligations: A comparative analysis. Ph.D. thesis. Essex. Added by: gerard  v    Pop. 78.03%
ANDREANA K. BAEVA-MOTUSIC. 2017. Regions and regionalism in 'new' European Union member states: The cases of Istria and Pirin Macedonia. Ph.D. thesis. UCL. Last edited by: Gregory Walker  v    Pop. 14.42%
DIMA BAGH. 2015. Essays on oil: Project evaluation and investment impact [with case study of Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline]. Ph.D. thesis. Brunel. Last edited by: Gregory Walker  v    Pop. 15.78%
A.I. BAGRIY. 2002. Formation, function and development of the banking system of Ukraine. M.Phil. thesis. Loughborough. Added by: gerard  v    Pop. 67.76%
HILARY B.P. BAGSHAW. 2011. Reason and faith: Mikhail Bakhtin's thought and the application of his thought to the study of religion. PhD thesis. Sheffield. Added by: gerard  v    Pop. 61.96%
B. BAHADOR. 2005. The impact of globalization on war: The CNN effect and Western policy before the Kosovo intervention. Ph.D. thesis. London (LSE). Added by: gerard  v    Pop. 78.8%

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