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Subject:  Archaeology
ÜLLE AGURAIUJA. 2017. Isotopic evidence of Bronze Age diet and subsistence practices in the southeastern Carpathian Bend area, Romania: A case study of the border region between Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic. Ph.D. thesis. Edinburgh. Added by: Gregory Walker  v    Pop. 14.84%
PINAR ÜRE. 2014. Byzantine heritage, archaeology and politics between Russia and the Ottoman Empire: Russian Archaeological Institute in Constantinople (1894-1914). PhD thesis. London (LSE). Added by: gerard  v    Pop. 41.8%
D.W. BAILEY. 1991. The social reality of figurines from the Chalcolithic of northern Bulgaria: The example of Ovcharovo. Ph.D. thesis. Cambridge. Added by: gerard  v    Pop. 74.59%
A.L. BALBO. 2007. The geoarchaeology of Polje Čepić (Istria, Croatia): The Last Glacial and Holocene population of a Mediterranean karstic wetland. Ph.D. thesis. Cambridge. Last edited by: gerard  v    Pop. 68.38%
B. BASS. 1997. An archeological assessment of the prehistoric and protohistoric evidence from the island of Korčula, Croatia. Ph.D. thesis. Edinburgh. Last edited by: gerard  v    Pop. 68.19%
A.K. BERGQUIST. 1990. The emergence of a pre-Roman state in Dacia: The archaeological and historical sources for Transylvania, 800 BC-AD 106. Ph.D. thesis. Cambridge. Added by: gerard  v    Pop. 69.84%
D. BESCOBY. 2003. Roman Butrint: An enhanced geophysical representation using artificial neural networks. Ph.D. thesis. East Anglia. Added by: gerard  v    Pop. 76.43%
ANASTASYA I. CHOLAKOVA. 20161. Networks of distribution at the margins of the Empire: Late antique glass vessels from the Lower Danube region [3 sites in Bulgaria]. PhD thesis. UCL. Last edited by: Gregory Walker  v    Pop. 5.43%
M.G. COMEY. 2003. Medieval stave-built wooden vessels in Ireland and Russia. Ph.D. thesis. London (UCL). Added by: gerard  v    Pop. 63.43%
SARAH COXON. 2016. Tradition, practice and creativity: An exploration of Middle and Late Bronze Age Belegiš cremation urns [from Vojvodina, Serbia]. PhD thesis. Southampton. Last edited by: Gregory Walker  v    Pop. 18.62%
PÉTER CSIGI. 2018. Shades of identity: An iconographic approach to the early Christian burial chambers in Sopianae (Pannonia). PhD thesis. KCL. Last edited by: Gregory Walker  v    Pop. 5.33%
VICTORIA L. CULLEN. 2016. Tephrochronology as a tool for assessing the synchronicity of Middle Palaeolithic and Upper Palaeolithic techno-complexes in the Caucasus. D.Phil. thesis. Oxford. Added by: Gregory Walker  v    Pop. 13.39%
C.G. CUMBERPATCH. 1992. The production and circulation of Late Iron Age slip decorated pottery in Central Europe [Czechoslovakia, Transdanubian Hungary and Poland]. Ph.D. thesis. Sheffield. Added by: gerard  v    Pop. 66.15%
ANNAMARIA DIANA. 2016. Medieval populations, society and climate: An interdisciplinary approach to the study of two skeletal assemblages from Bucharest and Braşov (Romania), 14th-18th cent. AD. PhD thesis. Edinburgh. Last edited by: Gregory Walker  v    Pop. 4.56%
G.L. DUNCAN. 1985. The monetary system of the later Roman Empire, with special reference to coin circulation in the Danubian and Balkan provinces, 294-578 AD. Ph.D. thesis. London (Inst Archaeol). Added by: gerard  v    Pop. 64.79%
F.G. EAVES. 1993. Annulling a myth: A reassessment of the earlier phases of the Eufrasian basilica at Pore and of the evidence for domus ecclesiae. Ph.D. thesis. Nottingham. Last edited by: gerard  v    Pop. 62.56%
M.E. EGRI. 2008. Communal identity and provincial integration in the Lower Danube: An archaeological study of the ceramics (late 1st century BC -- early 2nd century AD). PhD thesis. Cambridge. Added by: gerard  v    Pop. 56.84%
H.M.A. EVANS. 1988. The early mediaeval archaeology of Croatia, c. AD 600-900. Ph.D. thesis. Newcastle. Added by: gerard  v    Pop. 58.58%
V. GAFFNEY. 1992. Aspects of the archaeology of Hvar. Ph.D. thesis. Reading. Added by: gerard  v    Pop. 54.61%
KRISTINA GLICKSMAN. 2009. The economy of the Roman province of Dalmatia. D.Phil. thesis. Oxford. Last edited by: gerard  v    Pop. 47.62%

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